What's Included:

This comprehensive course bundle is crafted by industry-leading expert Jason Porter. His wealth of experience in the tax lien and tax deed investing will keep you from making critical mistakes that stop most people and accelerate your learning and success. The curriculum covers all essential fundamental aspects of tax lien investing, ensuring that you develop a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

Getting Started Right - 5 Module Course

1) Mindset - Win in your head first and you have to think differently to win at Tax Lien investing
2) Understand what you really want... Now Money or Later Money
3) Organization - LLC's and Holding Companies
4) Solo 401K Investing.- Later Money
5) Funding your business - Raising capital

Tax Lien Investing 101 - 6 Modules

Uncover the fundamentals of tax lien investing. Differentiate between tax liens and tax deeds and their unique benefits. Understand the legal framework and procedures governing these investments. Learn exactly how to participate in the investment and what makes a "good one" and a "bad one". You'll have a quiz after each of the modules making sure you really learn the fundamentals before investing a penny. You will be prepared to begin investing.

Jason Porter

Jason has been investing in real estate since 1990. Starting out with a “No Money Down” real estate course, Jason’s first deal was a “live-in flip”. He and his growing family lived in the several of the first houses they flipped to avoid taxes and increase cashflow in their personal lives. 

As Jason’s investing skills grew so did his family. Father of four and grandfather to seven. Jason and his family continue to be prolific real estate investors. However, in 2008 Jason’s acquisition focus changed to an often misunderstood segment of real estate… Tax Liens and Deeds. It resonated with him and he developed simple to follow techniques that can be used by anyone, regardless of your investing budget. For the last five years have brought a new focus, a higher purpose, and greater returns to their investing.

Jason now focuses 100% of his efforts on using Tax Liens and Tax Deeds to both make great money for his family, but also to help families in underserved communities to improve their lives through homeownership. His lecturing on these investing secrets garnered such excitement from audiences that it sparked him to write a Best Selling book called Real Good Deeds and to develop a network of like-minded investors called the Real Good Deeds Investors Network.